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You should've been there!

September 15, 2014

Tags: Malvern Books, Mark Viator, Susan Maxey, Silent We Stood, James Magnuson

Had a fine time Saturday night at Malvern Books, in Austin. Great roots music by Susan Maxey and Mark Viator, interesting conversation with novelist James Magnuson, and friendly readers who came to buy books.

Canít wait to read Jimís new novel!

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"I regard Silent We Stood as being among the finest Civil War novels I have ever read"
  • David Madden, Civil War Book Review
  • "Blood Kin is historical fiction at its best."
  • Bruce Winders, Historian and Curator, The Alamo
  • "The finest book on buffalo hunting and the resulting conflict with the Comanches that I have ever read."
  • Doris R. Meredith, Roundup
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    "Sharp and colorful also describe the economical prose of sports and wildlife writer Henry Chappell"
  • Elaine Wolff, San Antonio Current
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