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HOME RANGE: Notes on Literature, Nature, Working Dogs, History, Martial Arts, Other Obsessions and Sundry Annoyances by Henry Chappell


Leo, a tough, honest cowdog. He did it all and did it right.
Got some sad news from my old friend Randy Walker, a West Texas cowboy and dog man:

"Leo my Catahoula cow dog was killed Monday morning by a wild boar.This happened about 150 yards from my house in Mabelle. The boar cut his femoral artery. He bled out in less than 5 minutes. This was a really freak deal. I had let him out to exercise like I do every morning. The boar was in tall Johnson grass, Leo must have surprised him. He couldn't get away from him fast enough because of the tall grass. I assume all this happened this way because I could follow his tracks by the blood trail. It was like his blood was poured out of a gallon jug. He ran back to his kennel and died right there. I guess he was trying to get back home."

I blogged about Leo and Randy's other dogs back in 2009.

Leo will be missed. So often, it's the best dogs that get hurt or killed. My condolences to Randy and his family.

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