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HOME RANGE: Notes on Literature, Nature, Working Dogs, History, Martial Arts, Other Obsessions and Sundry Annoyances by Henry Chappell

Yes! Pay the Writer!

All of my writer friends have seen this, but It's a classic and worth posting again. I wish I had a dollar for every time some pleasant person has told me how much free exposure I'll get if I'll allow the use of an article or essay at no charge. Or, "Yes, we'd love for you to drive 300 miles to do a 45-minute talk to the Society of Semi-Literate People who Want to Write Books About Themselves. We can't pay you or even reimburse you for gas and lodging, but you'll get a good meal out of it, and you can bring books to sell to folks who don't read, let alone buy books."

Yes, it occurs to me that Ellison probably isn't getting anything for this YouTube clip. (Yes, but just think of all the free publicity ...)

Mild profanity warning.

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