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HOME RANGE: Notes on Literature, Nature, Working Dogs, History, Martial Arts, Other Obsessions and Sundry Annoyances by Henry Chappell

Boy, Small Stream, Little Trout

Cade with his first brook trout
Just got home from a weeklong trip to Northern Idaho with Jane and the grandkids. I took a six-weight rod thinking we'd try some of the bigger streams, but Cade much preferred the small, fast streams and high country lakes, which we had almost entirely to ourselves.

Having learned to fly fish by catching bream on popping bugs, Cade was sure he wanted to try dry flies on that quick water. You know how it went.

Grandpap: Pick it up! It's dragging!

Cade: Huh? Where's the fly?

Grandpap: Under water. Pick it up!

And so on.

After a few minutes, against much protest, I took the rod, clipped off the Irresistible, tied on a marabou muddler, and cast it downstream. After only two or three strips, I felt a solid tug and handed the rod to Cade.

I've created a maniacal fly fisherman. He's all about muddlers and wooly buggers. He don't need no stinkin' dry flies - for now.

Yes, we're working on our release technique. He was excited.
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