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Wagonhound: The Spirit of Wyoming

Badlands Design and Production (2013)

ISBN 978-0-9840630-1-7 - $65 (Hardcover)

Wagonhound Land and Livestock is first and foremost a working cattle operation. On its 200,000 acres, mostly in the foothills of the Laramie Mountain Range, in southeastern Wyoming, cowboys still earn their living on horseback, working cattle in much the same manner as their ancestors did more than a century ago.

At the same time, the Wagonhound program embodies an innovative philosophy that has made it one of the top players in today’s highly competitive cattle and quarter horse markets. With an abundance of water from the North Platte river and its tributaries, and state-of-the art irrigation systems, the Wagonhound maintains a self-sufficiency rare among modern cattle ranches.

Yet, despite its focus on production of top cattle and ranch horses, Wagonhound is renowned for its stewardship of some of most stunning and ecologically diverse ranchland in North America.

In this defining study, Wyman Meinzer and Henry Chappell capture the essence of the Wagonhound Way – and the Spirit of Wyoming.