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Horses to Ride, Cattle to Cut: The San Antonio Viejo Ranch of Texas

Badlands Design and Production (2016)


ISBN 978-0-9840630-3-1 - $75.00 (hardcover)



In the vast Wildhorse Desert of South Texas lies one of the most storied ranches in the Lone Star State, yet one of the most isolated and remote. The 150,000-acre San Antonio Viejo, carved out of borderland thornscrub and amassed from Spanish land-grant tracts over more than a century, embodies an extraordinary ecosystem and a rich human history known by few. 


Alternatively stark and lush, desolate and teeming with life, the San Antonio Viejo is a landscape like no other. State Photographer of Texas Wyman Meinzer explored the ranch for three years, in all seasons and weathers, to reveal its story in images from sweeping panoramas, to astonishing wildlife shots, to illuminating moments in the lives of working cowboys and their herds.


Henry Chappell likewise weaves the ranch's complex story with a historian's attention to detail, a novelist's flair, and an outdoorsman's keen undertanding of the natural world. His essays dig deep into the geological origns of this terrain, the earliest and later peoples occupied it, and the forces of nations and famalies who struggled for it. 


Horses to Ride, Cattle to Cut: The San Antonio Viejo Ranch of Texas stands as a tribute to all those whose stories have intertwined in a singular place of loyalty and legend.