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At Home on the Range with a Texas Hunter

Republic of Texas Press (2001)

ISBN 1-55622-836-8 - $18.95 (trade paperback)

Bobwhites in the Texas Panhandle, prairie grouse in the Flint Hills of Kansas, Gambel's quail in New Mexico's arroyos, blue quail on the staked plains, and doves and Mearns quail in Arizona. In these lyrical essays, Henry Chappell examines the bonds that connect hunter, hunting dog, land and prey. At Home on the Range evokes a powerful sense of history and place and never shies from the responsibilities and ethical struggles that every hunter faces.

“With Henry Chappell’s At Home on the Range with a Texas Hunter, western sporting literature comes of age. Nobody has ever written so eloquently about western birds and bird hunting as Henry Chappell. He is a natural storyteller, a stylist, and a thoughtful conservationist. Anyone interested in the southwestern environment should read this book, hunters and non-hunters alike.”
  • Stephen Bodio, author of Querencia and On the Edge of the Wild

  • “[Chappell] is possibly – with apologies to James Brown – the hardest working bird hunter in west Texas and without a doubt one of our best writers.”
  • Christopher Camuto, Gray's Sporting Journal

  • “Henry Chappell can really write…He’s devoted, he’s knowledgeable…he knows his history, his geology, his ecology, his zoology…He also has a nice turn of phrase. [At Home on the Range with a Texas Hunter]deserves a place on your bookshelf."
  • Bruce Buck, Shooting Sportsman

  • “Henry Chappell is a brave man…In this artful book of nature essays, At Home on the Range with a Texas Hunter, he lays bare thoughts and feelings that most hunters have but admit to only reluctantly…his words on the subject of why he hunts hit their mark in a way that hunters and non-hunters alike will understand.”
  • Larry D. Hodge, Texas Parks & Wildlife

  • “In At Home on the Range with a Texas Hunter, Chappell offers a series of engaging, highly recommended essays on the bonds that exist between hunter, hunting dog, and prey…Chappell evokes a true sense of hunting, complete with its responsibilities and ethics.”
  • Midwest Review

  • “This collection should not be relegated to a hunting genre…These selections much more closely resemble a love story; a man’s love for the land, his love for his dogs, his love for his sport. After just a couple of essays, readers recognize Chappell’s blend of unique perspectives.”
  • Jeffrey W. Turk, Review of Texas Books