Praise for ...

... Silent We Stood:

"Using as his background the political turbulence preceding and following the disastrous Dallas fire of 1860, Henry Chappell has blended real and imaginary events and characters to craft a suspenseful novel."
  • Donald E. Reynolds, author of Texas Terror: The Slave Insurrection Panic of 1860 and the Secession of the Lower South

  • "I regard Silent We Stood as being among the finest Civil War novels I have ever read"
  • David Madden, Civil War Book Review

  • ... Blood Kin:

    "Chappell's novel reads the way a John Ford western unfolds on the screen: good folks, hard choices, humor, tragedy, and heartbreaking humanity played out against the backdrop of the great American West. A wonderful book for readers who like westerns that leave formula in the dust."
  • Booklist starred review

  • "Henry Chappell's second novel...shows why he is a Texas writer to watch."
  • Si Dunn, Dallas Morning News

  • "Chappell's writing is reminiscent of Larry McMurtry's latest Berrybender series. His characters are realistic; the attention to detail puts readers in the scene...For those who love to immerse themselves in the past, whether reading history or historical fiction, this book is a great diversion and passage back to another age."
  • Mary Margaret McAllen Amberson, San Antonio Express-News

  • "Chappell's Blood Kin meets its own challenge in being a richer and more readable novel than its superb predecessor."
  • Bill Garwood, True West

  • "Chappell depicts this period of turmoil fairly, allowing his characters to show the prejudices on all sides. Blood Kin is an absorbing, but realistic introduction to the early history of the Texas Republic."
  • Cindy Vallar, The Historical Novels Review

  • "Whether one judges Blood Kin by the strength and complexity of its characters, its strong sense of place, or its beautiful writing, Chappell has another winner."
  • Doris Meredith, Roundup

  • ... The Callings:

    "Vivid, realistic, and brutal."
  • Elmer Kelton

  • "The scenes could support a movie script, so closely are they detailed. Chappell may be at his best describing the warriors' horsemanship and the desolation that follows each attack...Those of us who have not yet become addicted to Western novels will be compelled to read more, though few will match the emotion and high quality of writing that converge in The Callings."
  • Jane Manaster, Southwestern American Literature

  • "A fine adventure story of the West Texas frontier...Henry Chappell idealizes no imaginary nobility of either Native or Euro-Americans. Nor does he hedge on the darkness to which human nature can descend."
  • Fred Rathjen, author of The Panhandle Frontier

  • "In his first novel, veteran Plano writer Henry Chappell spins a well-crafted tale that draws both from history and from his disciplined imagination."
  • Si Dunn, The Dallas Morning News

  • "Chappell's The Callings stands on its own as a serious literary treatment of a still underrepresented historical period. He represents West Texas with particularly compelling force and evocative language."
  • Alex Hunt, Texas Books in Review

  • ... At Home on the Range with a Texas Hunter:

    “With Henry Chappell’s At Home on the Range with a Texas Hunter, western sporting literature comes of age. Nobody has ever written so eloquently about western birds and bird hunting as Henry Chappell. He is a natural storyteller, a stylist, and a thoughtful conservationist. Anyone interested in the southwestern environment should read this book, hunters and non-hunters alike.”
  • Stephen Bodio, author of Querencia and On the Edge of the Wild

  • “[Chappell] is possibly – with apologies to James Brown – the hardest working bird hunter in west Texas and without a doubt one of our best writers.”
  • Christopher Camuto, Gray's Sporting Journal

  • “Henry Chappell can really write…He’s devoted, he’s knowledgeable…he knows his history, his geology, his ecology, his zoology…He also has a nice turn of phrase. [At Home on the Range with a Texas Hunter]deserves a place on your bookshelf."
  • Bruce Buck, Shooting Sportsman

  • “Henry Chappell is a brave man…In this artful book of nature essays, At Home on the Range with a Texas Hunter, he lays bare thoughts and feelings that most hunters have but admit to only reluctantly…his words on the subject of why he hunts hit their mark in a way that hunters and non-hunters alike will understand.”
  • Larry D. Hodge, Texas Parks & Wildlife

  • “In At Home on the Range with a Texas Hunter, Chappell offers a series of engaging, highly recommended essays on the bonds that exist between hunter, hunting dog, and prey…Chappell evokes a true sense of hunting, complete with its responsibilities and ethics.”
  • Midwest Review

  • “This collection should not be relegated to a hunting genre…These selections much more closely resemble a love story; a man’s love for the land, his love for his dogs, his love for his sport. After just a couple of essays, readers recognize Chappell’s blend of unique perspectives.”
  • Jeffrey W. Turk, Review of Texas Books

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    The Henry Chappell Collection.

    Silent We Stood (Texas Tech University Press 2013)

    Blood Kin (Texas Tech University Press 2004)

    The Callings (Texas Tech University Press 2002)

    At Home on the Range with a Texas Hunter (Taylor Trade 2001)

    Selected Work

    "I regard Silent We Stood as being among the finest Civil War novels I have ever read"
  • David Madden, Civil War Book Review
  • "Blood Kin is historical fiction at its best."
  • Bruce Winders, Historian and Curator, The Alamo
  • "The finest book on buffalo hunting and the resulting conflict with the Comanches that I have ever read."
  • Doris R. Meredith, Roundup
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    "Sharp and colorful also describe the economical prose of sports and wildlife writer Henry Chappell"
  • Elaine Wolff, San Antonio Current
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