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November 30, 2016

Tags: Silent We Stood

"Fatherís Reminiscence
Transcribed July 26, 1911

"Even after all that I have done and risked and supported, I remain suspicious of social movements, despite the good they sometimes accomplish. I doubt the purity of motive of those who embrace and carry out causes. Yes, some are driven by outrage at injustice. Others, equally efficient, are motivated by resentment of privilege. Still others seek to carry out religious imperatives. If their interpretation of the Scriptures condemns slavery, then slavery must end. What the religious feel toward the enslaved seems to matter little. Others love the pain of those with whom they hold stark ideological differences. Some take more pleasure in revenge against perpetrators of injustice than in aiding the oppressed. A good many seem natural Jacobins, born to disaffection. They chafe against any perceived power, any state of affairs."

Late Season Peppers

November 23, 2016

Tags: peppers, gardening

Picked the last of the fall peppers this afternoon. Yeah, they're small - I don't fertilize after mid-summer - but they're at their tastiest this time of year. Around mid-October, I snip off all the smaller peppers that won't have time to mature, prune unproductive branches, and hope for the best for the remaining peppers. Time to clean up and mulch this last bed and let the garden sleep until February onion planting.

You know you want one!

November 23, 2016

Tags: Wyman Meinzer, Yeti, Tumbler

Millions of people have watched this video about my buddy Wyman Meinzer - so many, in fact, that Yeti has introduced the Wyman Meinzer Tumbler in the 20 and 30 ounce versions. I'm not making a penny on this, but I think the tumblers are cool, and I'm delighted for Wyman. If, like millions of other lovers of wildlife and wild country, you've enjoyed Wyman's photos, I hope you'll support him by ordering one or more of these branded tumblers.

San Antonio Viejo Deer Capture

November 22, 2016

Tags: San Antonio Viejo, Deer Capture, Wyman Meinzer

Lunchtime this past Friday at the annual San Antonio Viejo deer capture. Over the course of the day, researchers netted and released nearly a hundred deer for a long term investigation into the effects and interaction of drought and cattle grazing on wildlife. Every deer was examined and tagged. Wyman was there to photograph the action. I was there to Ö well Ö enjoy the helicopter ride and the best beef fajitas Iíve ever eaten.

M.O.S.T. Signing

November 22, 2016

Tags: Museum of South Texas History, Horses to Ride, Cattle to Cut

Wyman and I enjoyed another packed house this past Thursday night at the beautiful Museum of South Texas History. Great staff, great food, and enthusiastic, engaging readers. If you ever find yourself in the Edinburgh vicinity, do yourself a favor and stop by the museum for a couple hours - at least.

Fun in San Antonio

November 9, 2016

Tags: San Antonio, Witte Museum, Horses to Ride, Cattle to Cut

Wyman and I had a great time signing books at a packed event sponsored by the East Foundation and hosted at the beautiful Witte Museum. Books moved as fast as we could sign them. Our thanks to Neal Wilkins and the other great folks at the East Foundation and the Witte, and of course to all of the readers who came out to support us.

Little Creek, Big Fight

November 4, 2016

Tags: Bois D'Arc Creek, Russell Graves

Spent yesterday with my friend Russell Graves on his home ground in the Bois D'Arc Creek bottomland in Fannin County, in northeast Texas. We're working on a little magazine project. Russell is shooting the photos, and I'm writing the story. Finished piece should be out early next year. Here's a little video Russell shot and produced a few years back:


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